Mourning Pages

Thoughts of a very courageous muffin crumble.

You Will Get It Eventually

Going through the pile of my old Tumblr picture collection, I stumbled upon this one. You will get it eventually. At the time, the phrase did not sound real as it was by far the most challenging year of my... Continue Reading →

Perks of Urban Gardening

In modern realities, few urbanites have space to start their own backyard. Many of us live in crowded apartments and the only greenery we can afford is a potted flower. Happily, with due imagination, one can easily find a vacant... Continue Reading →

Sneaky Non-Vegan Ingridients

The list of things I choose not to consume expands as I accumulate more knowledge on Veganism. And if I always knew that gelatin is obtained from animals' body parts, I had absolutely no idea that carminic acid, used as... Continue Reading →

What is the Secret of Lush Success?

Passing by Lush stores I cannot resist the temptation to go in and buy every single product they have in stock. Even bath bombs, which are a complete mystery to me. I have purchased them before and every time I... Continue Reading →

Vegan for the Environment

When I started my vegan journey I had been already aware that veganism is the most sustainable diet since crops cultivation requires less natural resources than cattle breeding. The environmental issue became one of the most important factors why I... Continue Reading →

On Hypocrisy and Ecology

Hypocrisy is of human nature. We might think big, recognize the need to switch from one lifestyle to another, nod heads when someone talks about environment/politics/social justice, but little people are ready to become changemakers themselves. When it is time to... Continue Reading →

Following the Right Path

Going Vegan is tough, mostly because your new lifestyle requires big attempts to reshape your old habits. For years, or maybe even decades, you've been living a life everyone else lives. You used to go to the store and buy all... Continue Reading →

Real Life Quests

I've been always thinking that my home country is the origin of the bureaucratic hell. Reality proves that it's pretty bad everywhere, from the third world countries to wealth European hubs. The quest of getting proper documents reminds me of Hercules'... Continue Reading →

Ode to Perfect Saturdays

Saturdays are all about endless opportunities seasoned with a pinch of laziness. It's the perfect time to give yourself a break, dive into something you truly love. For me it's a good excuse to idle in bed and dine out instead... Continue Reading →

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